Domotel Wellness Center is the ideal destination for relaxation and wellness. Special therapies and products with the signature of Labiomer, inspired by the sea and its magnificent benefits for health and beauty.

The key  ingredient is seaweed that is harvested in a certified marine park, one of the largest, natural and protected seaweed “fields”. The active marine ingredients, including the seaweeds are proven to be the most effective therapeutic method of healing for improving health and beauty

The Dreamway Spa creates special treatments with a Mediterranean touch that revives the senses in a holistic way, initiating body and spirit, putting the treasures of the earth and the sea in the service of your well-being.

Operational days & times: (Tuesday – Sunday 10:00 am – 20:00 pm). Due to the Covid-19 protocols the indoor pool will remain closed until further notice 

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