Nested on Mt Parnassos, Arachova is a town that has been transformed into a popular destination for those seeking winter sports and relaxation. Mostly famous for its cosmopolitan vibe, Arachova has gained the title of “Winter Mykonos”.

It sits at an altitude of 973 meters and thanks to its proximity to Athens, the winter months see it buzzing on weekends with city slickers escaping the city for a break in the refreshing mountain air.

Would you like a romantic walk at the picturesque paved alleys? A walk in Arachova, reveals its beautiful surroundings combining the old with the new.

Arachova is full of life. The wild beauty combined with the unaltered traditional character, its cosmopolitan face and the numerous activities the majestic Parnassus offers, place it rightfully at the top of the Greek winter tourism.

Many young people have returned to Arachova since the tourism boom, and they keep local traditions going with great enthusiasm. One of the highlights is the Ai Giorgis (St George) Festival, which takes place in spring.

If you don’t feel up for the hike, explore instead the warren of streets and drop by one of the traditional houses open to visitors, which has been decorated with Arachovite woven textiles.

Domotel Anemolia Mountain Resort, idyllically located on the outskirts of the historic Arachova village, offers unique views across the Delphi Valley and the Parnassos mountain range.

Domotel Anemolia is the ideal base for exploring the nearby Delphi Archaeological site, the picturesque Galaxidi fishing village, the Byzantine monastery of Osios Loukas and Parnassos mountains, which are perfect for snow skiing during winter (usually January – March) as well as for trekking, mountain biking in the summertime.


The traditional Macedonian architecture, the stunning views of Lake Vegoritida and, of course, the Kaimaktsalan ski area, have highlighted Palaios Aghios Athanasios in the most popular mountainous destination of Western Macedonia and one of the most important of Greece.

Agios Athanasios village was created at the end of the 16th century, probably by farmers and builders from Epirus district. Its older name was “Tsegani“. The settlement was self-sufficient during the Ottoman Domination, because of the local production of cheese, meat, fleece, textiles, such as wine and “tsipouro” drink.

Agios Athanasios is a wonderful, mountain village, situated next to one of the best ski centers of Greece, far away from the metropolitan centers of the area. The village maintains its peace and color all year, except the holiday periods, when many visitors from Thessaloniki and other cities are gathered to the village.  

Agios Athanasios offers many activities to its visitors. You can either walk the paths around the village or enjoy the local cuisine to the restaurants. There a lot of local biological products that are offered at the village or they can visit the ski center AEGEAN of Kaimaktsalan, 13km northern to the village.

Stone and wood are the Domotel Neves’ basic construction materials, incorporating it fully to the physical environment and the traditional architecture of the historic settlement.

In Domotel Neve, luxury meets simplicity and tradition meshes with modern design in perfect harmony, creating a cozy feeling from the comfortable internal settings and delivers a stay of the highest standards.








Karditsa is a city in Mainland Greece with close to 40,000 citizens. It is built close to a tributary of Peneus River. One of the reasons why is the rural center of Thessaly its because it produces cotton and wheat.

A lesser-known tourist spot, Karditsa is full of surprises for the adventurer, the nature lover and the explorer of untouched traditions. Combining historic monuments and gastronomic pleasures with astonishing natural beauty all within easy reach for a one-day trip; it is a gateway to numerous activities that will turn into unforgettable experiences.

With its two big squares, the huge park and beautiful pedestrian precincts, the city gives its visitors the opportunity to go around the city by bicycle (it has a wide network of bicycle streets) and enjoy its beauty.

The Agrafa range rises up suddenly from the expansive Thessaly plain, bringing might and mystery to mainland Greece, northeast of Karditsa.The villages of Argithea are scattered across traditional hamlets.

Αrni, which welcomed its first guests back in 1921, is a rare example of rococo architecture. After its renovation in 2006, Domotel Arni has transformed into an A-Class hotel, where tradition, history and architecture blend together and coexist in a unique environment.

An ideal setting to relax, do business and engage in recreational activities while you experience the elements of another era.

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