Kastri Bistrot | An Experience in Taste

The Kastri bistro providing a view of the trees and well-tended gardens, is open from early in the morning to late night offering selected flavors of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, as well as delicious cocktails from its bar. Comfortable sofas, cozy rotondas, original works by major Greek painters, and large bookcases with exquisite book choices available to the visitor enhance the sophisticated aesthetics of the Kastri Bistro, while creating a sense of calm and relaxation.

At Kastri Bistro the mood changes throughout the day, influenced by the flavors. Elegant coffee blends and light meals blend in harmoniously with selections from the Greek Creative Cuisine. Domotel Kastri’s chefs are inspired by Greek tradition raw materials and create original dishes that captivate the palate.

Macellaria | Secluded sophistication

Experience gastronomy in absolute seclusion at Macelleria, a private dining room which offers the exquisite Greek and Mediterranean flavours of Kastri Bistro in an intimate setting. Perfect for a special dinner or two or more, Macelleria’s unparalleled air of sophistication and finesse  is sure to offer unforgettable moments.

Mediterranean Gastronomy

The influences from the Mediterranean gastronomy could not, of course, be absent. Our executive Chef creates unique dishes inspired by international cuisine. Seasonality plays an important role in the composition of the menus, while Greek raw materials dominate. Tradition meets modern techniques at the Kastri Bistro, where the combination of flavors satisfies from the first to the last bite. The variety of dishes can be combined with a bottle or glass of wine from the restaurant’s very up-to-date cellar. The wine cellar choices emphasize on the Greek vineyards with classic but also not so well-known options, produced from small Greek farmers.

The Contemporary | A nutritious Greek breakfast

Starting the day at the Contemporary, Domotel Kastri’s main restaurant, offers an array of delectable, locally sourced  and nutritious options that will satisfy any
palette. Its breakfast features an expert layout of the best of Greek flavors tailor-made by our Executive Chef, including both hot and cold options and served in a beautiful setting.

Point Nord | Coffee Break in the patio

For a refreshing break enjoy a moment of pure relaxation  Point Nord, where sophisticated cocktails are the word of the day. Guests can relish the refreshing atmosphere of the patio as they enjoy excellent coffee and a hand-picked variety of snacks; the expertly tailored drinks menu is sure to please with eclectic wine labels and creative long drinks.

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